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Steppingstones to Ascension

Originally posted on on July 27, 2023

Hello Soul Family,

Ascension is a process, a journey in discovering who you are, in which you embrace your most authentic, and highest version of yourself. It is also a partnership with the divine, including your own soul, guardian angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters, where you awaken to and become enlightened by the magickal mysteries of the Universe and your part and purpose in it.

This spiritual journey is how you raise the vibration of your consciousness and gain self-mastery. Each step of this process provides you with a lesson for your own spiritual growth and development. These steppingstones towards ascension are immersive, because you must go within and connect with your soul and higher self for clarity, answers, and guidance.

Each steppingstone is an initiation into the higher frequencies that give you greater wisdom and activates your spiritual gifts and qualities. It is an alchemical process of releasing those aspects of yourself that are lower vibrational and are no longer in your best and highest good. As you begin to change, you will notice that you feel more positive, manifest your dreams and desires faster, and become healthier in all areas of your life.

As you embark on your ascension journey you are choosing the path less traveled. It is a journey you must walk by yourself because Spirit uniquely and lovingly designed it for you, and you, alone.

Once you make the choice to take the spiritual path, you may feel insecure and afraid because this path is different from what society has taught you. In fact, this path has been deliberately hidden from you. Spirit revealed it now because you are a seeker of truth, wisdom, and love. These heart-felt desires have manifested into your awareness as a blessing to be incorporated into your life.

You may have noticed that life is not working the way it used to, and that is because the energies on the planet are changing. Frequencies of control, oppression, deceit, victimization, and fraud are no longer being supported by the Universe. In 2012 we moved into a new, more life affirming, loving, supportive vibration. We have learned all we can from the former ideology and recognize it is not what we want. We want a more fair, equitable, honest, transparent, just, and abundant world.

As you cross this bridge of transformation, you transition deeper into a new and loving galactic tone. You stand as a witness, watching everything that is not a vibrational match to the new higher frequencies dismantling, dissolving, and drifting away.

This ascension process is difficult for those hanging on to the past and who are unwilling to look within and inquire for higher guidance and light. The tighter they hold on, the harder their lives become. In some cases, it is fear, for others stubborn pride, and eventually they will be forced to make a choice between love or fear, freedom or slavery, abundance or lack to name a few.

As a society, we are being asked to surrender to the new rays of light or energies enveloping and penetrating every layer of our lives, mind, body, and soul. We get to trust where we end up is going to be incredibly better than where we are now. However, you as an individual must commit to this process to move forward with ease and grace. Not to say there won’t be challenges, because there will be, but those challenges come with deep and significant rewards. It is worth it. It is magick. It is bliss.

These steppingstones are just one of many tools for your spiritual growth and mastery so that you can experience greater love, abundance, wisdom, health, truth, excellence, and joy.

Steppingstones are a line of stones that are used for crossing a stream and are considered a stage of advancement in reaching your goals. They provide a safe pathway in guiding you where you want to go.

This is a journey within, where you connect with your own soul and remember you are a beautiful and perfect son or daughter of the “Most High”.

Here is a list of some steppingstones that we will discuss in greater detail in upcoming posts.

Love and Blessings to you all.


· Step into your Strengths.

· Step into your Gifts, Talents, and Qualities.

· Step into your Peace.

· Step into your Joy.

· Step into your Dreams.

· Step into your Imagination.

· Step into your Creativity.

· Step into your Purpose.

· Step into your Love.

· Step into your Compassion.

· Step into Acceptance of what is.

· Step into Action.

· Step into your Authenticity.

· Step into your Loving Power and Authority.

· Step into Yourself.

· Step into your Divinity – own your divinity, which is your birthright as a son or daughter of God.


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