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Apocalyptic Breakthrough Part 2 - The Principles of Threshold, Chaos and Reorganization

Originally posted on on March 28, 2017

Hi Friends,

Last fall, Steve and I were really feeling the anxious, confusing and spinning emotions of the people around us, both collectively and individually, and with all the social chaos with the elections, the economy, work and life in general, the dense energies are quite intense right now.

Both of us are empathic and energetically sensitive so every day we strive to stay in balance and have inner harmony, and for a while it was a struggle to do our daily meditation.

However, when we noticed all this energetic pressure, one of Aren’s friends "just happened" to synchronistically mentioned how he recently found a sound therapy called Holosync that helped him and his sister with their meditation and healing process.

We decided to check it out because it felt like all this chaos and confusion in the world, as well as the Cosmic Waves and Solar Rays hitting us, that things were off the chart crazy. Once we looked into this meditation program we discovered that it was developed by Bill Harris at the Centrepointe Research Institute. You may remember him from his appearance in the famous Law of Attraction film, The Secret.

We bought the program and began following the meditation therapy in November, and feel that it is helping. We would recommend it to anyone who struggles with meditation, and daily meditation can certainly help right now.

This last December I was praying about how I could explain in simple terms how and why we are experiencing all of the crazy and chaotic things in society and in our personal lives. And lo and behold I was directed to the book that came with our Holosync program entitled Nine Principles for Conscious Living. As I was reading, Bill described a process in nature which he calls the Principle of Threshold and the Principle Chaos and Reorganization. Here is what he had to say.

The Principle of Threshold:

“Every person has a personal threshold for what they can handle from their environment, based on the structure of their own personal map of reality---their concept of who they are and how they relate to the rest of the universe.

When your map of reality cannot handle its environment you become stressed. You then try to deal with that stress through various coping mechanisms learned during childhood. . These include anger, depression, anxiety, fear, substance abuse, overeating…

All dysfunctional feelings and behaviors are really coping mechanisms used in an attempt to deal with the stress of being over this threshold. Therefore, the cure for such feelings and behaviors is to increase that threshold.

By raising this threshold through therapeutic or spiritual practices causes dysfunctional feelings and behaviors to gradually disappear because that threshold becomes so high that it becomes difficult for anything to push a person beyond it.”

The Principle of Chaos and Reorganization:

“Chaos always precedes growth, and is a part of the process of change. Therefore, chaos is a good thing.

The coping mechanisms mentioned above (i.e., dysfunctional feelings and behaviors) are really attempts to hold one’s internal map of reality together. This happens because we associate the old map with safety. Changing it, on an unconscious level does not feel safe.

The process of a map of reality reorganizing at a higher level in response to stimuli that exceeds it’s threshold is a very natural one. As the old map of reality is stimulated in a way that exceeds it's threshold it goes into temporary internal chaos.

Eventually, the old map may fall apart if the chaos becomes so great that the old map cannot hold itself together. Then, almost simultaneously, the map reorganizes itself at a higher, more complex level of functioning---one that can handle the environment it previously could not handle.

This natural process always results in a new and better map that can handle what the old map could not. It is therefore helpful to recognize when you are in the initial chaos state, and to remind yourself that the chaos you are experiencing is the prelude to positive change---if you know how to get out of the way and let it happen.”

After I read this I was immediately inspired to take a look at videos of Cymatics.

I feel that Cymatics beautifully illustrates these natural principles of Threshold and Chaos and Reorganization and reveals a strange & beautiful symmetry at work in nature inspired by the work of Dr Hans Jenny.

Please notice that as the sound frequency is increased the sacred geometry of the salt starts to shift out of shape, it has now reached its frequency limit, or its Threshold and is entering a period of Chaos and disorder. Once the new higher frequency is set, the salt now Reorganizes itself into a brand new sacred geometry that is completely different and unique from the previous shape.

This is an example of what is happening to us here on earth. As the high vibrational Cosmic Gamma Waves and Solar Rays hit the earth they are slowly increasing the frequency of our planet, our DNA and our past emotional and spiritual belief system.

These high vibrational energies are putting us both individually and collectively, as well as the old social systems under tremendous stress. Everything that no longer serves us, or has been hidden, is being shaken loose and is coming to the surface to either be transformed into a new higher vibration/dimension or completely discarded.

This is a very intense time for us and the planet. It is important to be incredibly kind and loving to yourself, your body and to each other. Patience and emotional neutrality are the rules of the day. Be the owl in the tree observing instead of being pulled into the drama. It is also important to remember that all this is unfolding perfectly in accordance with divine plan.

The Creator is personally involved in this transition into a new higher dimension where the attitude of love and service will fill our hearts and live in the mind set of everyone. Our priorities will be aligned with universal and natural law and will be the foundation in which we create our new world where peace, unity and abundance will be enjoyed by All.

Love and Blessings



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