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Tropical Leaves



Just wanted to say that I have been to see Jen many times over the years and the help, assistance and what I would call a complete overhaul on where my life was a few years back and where it is now is so night and day.


With the life guidance and energy balancing I have received over time, my life has transitioned from just floating through life with no direction to energetically hopeful with purpose and a newfound joy for living.


Her sessions leave me with peace of mind, relaxed  - yet motivated. Thank you Jen...see you soon!


I met Jen Westlake in September of 2020. I attended a seminar she was teaching and felt an instant connection. I was instantly drawn to her loving energy and wisdom for finding balance and healing from within. 

My first healing session with Jen was nothing less than inspiring and beautiful. I knew she understood my soul and was ready to help me see myself from a perspective that I had not yet seen.

The love, awareness and grace Jen has shown me has shifted my entire consciousness...and I am so grateful to her for that. She has a real talent and God-given gift to see and feel truth and to balance and free the human soul from past and present strongholds.

I was new to energy work and healing when I met her and now I understand the importance of balancing ones self through this type of healing. I never want our sessions to end, but when they do I feel so peaceful, so open and aware of who I really am. 

Thank you Jen for your love and sharing your gifts and talents with me and my entire family.


Dear Jen, thank you so much for the Reiki healing session that we had. It brought things to the surface that I had not thought about that moved me to a healing path forward. Your kind, gentle session was great and I look forward to another!

Tropical Leaves


I have worked with Jen now for about 6 months. She served me through coaching and ascension assistance. She is an incredible energy worker - she has a vast wealth of knowledge that has helped me out of a very scary period in my life.

She is especially well equipped to handle the fears of our current society since 2020. I would hightly recomend her to anyone who is seeking greater peace and a higher level of awareness of one's self.


Jen has been my personal coach, spiritual guide, healer and friend since 2010. 

I know Spirit works and speaks through her. 

The personal spiritual messages  I have received during my sessions always bring tears to my eyes because of the tremendous love and appreciation I feel. I am grateful for all the amazing knowledge and tools that have been added to my life-navigating tool belt. I don't know what I would have done without them, especially during the past year of 2020 while caring for my aging parents and all of the stress caused by COVID-19.

I am not the same person I was before Soululaire, because I have been able, with Jen's help, to release the pain of the past and move forward in my life.

I am more balanced, confident, and I can truly say that I love, trust and value myself because of all I have learned.

Jen is an inspirational teacher and gifted healer. My only wish would be that to all who will read this, I hope you will give yourself the gift of all Jen and Soululaire have to share


Dear, Jen,

I am not sure I need to tell you this, but I am telling you why you are of great value.  I feel that you are one of the most important people in my life.


I searched a long time to find someone who could help me understand and work out all the drama and trauma that I have dealt with for the last 10 years.


Your knowledge and teachings are of great importance and I feel it has saved my life.


I feel you will always be my teacher. You are a blessing and mean more to me than you know.

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