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Dear Friends,

Hello and Welcome to Soululaire. 


We are happy that loving universal forces guided you to our website. We are here to help you gain the insights and understanding you need to improve your life. By going deeper than the cellular part of yourself, we can help you live from the soul-u-lar part of your being.


We would like to invite you on the adventure of a lifetime...the discovery of the most authentic creation in the universe - You!


It’s been said that enlightenment is when you have a deep, profound experience where you come to truly know who you are...and Ascension is the process of that self-discovery.


That journey begins when you choose to be open, willing and committed to re-connecting to your Soul. By learning to love yourself, forgive the past and by setting yourself free, you can attain your destiny and fulfill your purpose which is to live from live Soululaire.


Let your journey begin!


Before we get started we would first like to introduce you to the who, what, why and how of what we do here and our desire to help you accomplish your goals and manifest your dreams.


The world we live in is a challenging place and can be overwhelming at times.  We are here to lovingly guide you on your journey of self-discovery in order to gain the tools necessary to face life head on and take the opportunity to create the abundant life you deserve.


We believe every problem we encounter throughout our lives is created from a broken heart and wounded soul. Therefore, every service we provide is designed around the idea of healing those wounds through forgiveness and self-love.


Our teaching and healing process is approached from a line upon line, precept upon precept, grace upon grace spiritual model which takes you on a supportive, nurturing and safely guided journey within. Beginning with foundational basics, we guide you step by step, along the path that leads to a sacred understanding of the mysteries and miracles of your own Soul and your personal connection with the Universe.


Line upon line refers to the universal principles and laws we are meant to incorporate into our lives.  Precept upon precept is the practical application of these natural laws.  And grace upon grace is trusting that the universe loves you, wants you to be happy and will assist you in attaining your heart’s desire.


In order for you to understand why we do what we do, and how we came upon the knowledge that we share, we would like to give you the inspiration for Soululaire.


Back Story

At the age of 22, Jennifer Westlake our founder, was told that she was going to die from a chronic childhood illness. When she was given the prognosis she was overcome by fear and the realization that she wanted to live. She felt like she was too young and had many things she wanted to accomplish.   


As her situation became worse, she tells how she would go to bed at night not knowing if she would wake up in the morning. In an act of sincere humility she got down on her knees and prayed to God for help. Through her 10 year journey she was blessed with divine intervention, several spiritual encounters and four near death experiences. During these experiences she was taught and guided by her angels, ancient prophets and Jesus.

They explained to her that she is a beloved daughter of God, and as such she is a co-creator of her earthly experiences. She learned that it was her own thoughts, feelings and beliefs that put her in the life threatening situation she was in. Before her spiritual guidance she describes herself as trapped in victim consciousness.

When you hear her speak about those times she tells how the process was difficult, humiliating and heart wrenching because they had her relive experiences that left her feeling broken, unloved and alone. Although done in a loving way, this process compelled her to look deep within herself to discover the reasons of her wounded soul in order for her to heal.   


She was taught that love and forgiveness is the only way for her to survive and that the principles they gave would assist in all areas of her life.  The loving intervention she received gave her strength, courage and the power to move forward and create a new, wonderful, healthy, and abundant life. 

With much love and gratitude for her life and the many miracles she received she promised to share this sacred knowledge with others. 

We at Soululaire are committed in sharing this spiritual wisdom with you so that you too can have a greater and more fulfilling life.  



Why Us?

These sacred teachings can assist you in every area of your life including work, relationships, health, vitality, goals and dreams.  We want to reacquaint you with your Soul...your Authentic Self, so that you can experience the life you were meant to live and be who you are created to be.  


Our intention is for you to experience the love the Universe has for you.  So here we are, with love in our hearts, sincerely committed in helping you remember who you truly are and how to live from within…to live Soululaire.

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