When we were first discussing the creation of Soululaire, we decided we wanted to break free from the rigid parameters of a traditional hierarchal business model. We wanted more a flexible, unified, round table style where everyone contributes and plays a multifaceted role within our organization.  


Every member of our team comes from different industries with various job expertise, providing us with many specialized gifts, talents and experience to draw from. We have a lot of fun when we brainstorm, cooperate and collaborate together. We feel like family and are grateful for the synchronicity that brought us together.  Everyone helps with everything, from marketing to production and Soul Coaching, in order to give you the most well rounded and balanced healing and educational experience possible. Our team is devoted to serving and helping others and being a force for love and light in this world.


Jen is the founder of Soululaire.  During four near-death experiences, she learned how to not only survive and heal a chronic life threatening illness, but also thrive.  


She is committed in sharing this wisdom and guidance, so that others can enjoy a happy, healthy and abundant life. 


She is a Reiki Master, spiritual leader, teacher, channeler and mystic.  She has been married to Steve for 18 years and has a beautiful black kitty cat named Mystic, who brings them much joy.  Her passions include instrumental music, movies, crystals, science fiction, researching ancient calendars and prophecy, esoteric and mystical wisdom and new science.  She enjoys communing in nature and has a deep love and connection to the One Creator, Mother Earth and to the Higher Self and Soul.


She is a direct contactee and channeler for, and in the service of, the One Creator since 1997.

Post Graduate Certification in Integrated Marketing Communication, B.A. Political Science and Ancient Civilizations, 20 years of experience in financial services. 


"Heed these words, You who wish to probe the depths of nature: If you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither will you find it outside. In you is hidden the treasure of treasures. Know Thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods."

-The Oracle at Delphi


First and foremost, Steve is Jen’s husband and best friend.  He is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Soululaire. He works behind the scenes with collaborating class and event content, assisting with venue arrangements and the general management of the company. He is also a mentor, and at times, a co-teacher of Soululaire.


He has a unique life experience as he was on his own at the age of 16 and learned early on about personal sovereignty and being true to oneself. As former bartender and cab driver he has an interesting background as a “human behaviorist”.  He has heard and seen it all, which makes him an especially gifted listener and qualified in loving detachment and non-judgment.


Photography is his passion and creative outlet.  Many of his pictures are on our website. He loves the outdoors and feels closest and connected to the One Creator being in nature.  He enjoys hiking in the mountains of Utah and walking on the beaches of Oregon, California, Texas and Hawaii. He and Jen are fun, empathic and compassionate partners who desire to assist others in having a positive, loving and abundant life.


"I’ve been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened."

-Mark Twain


Zach is Jen and Steve’s Executive Assistant since 2013. He maintains the administrative duties of the Soululaire office. He helps organize special events and is your go to guy for questions and registering for one of Soululaire’s many spiritual services and energy offerings.


With a deep love for design he is currently in the Honors Architecture program at the University of Utah. Outside of school and working for Soululaire, he enjoys a wide array of interests including the outdoors, history, friends, and traveling the world (on a college-student budget… that is…. )


Living in close proximity to the great outdoors all of his life, he has acquired a deep appreciation for nature and the beauty of life.  This passion for nature has led him on a journey to understand the deeper mysteries of the universe and his own unique purpose as a part of all that is. 

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."



Craig is in charge of all our technology and making sure it is running properly. He is also our Production director, creator, editor and distributor of our audio/video and Soululaire learning materials.   


He is passionate about vintage and muscle cars, classic rock and geology of all kinds. Just knowing Mount Olympus is a big hunk of granite is fascinating to him.  He is interested in the metaphysical world and our galactic star family. 


Walking the beaches and watching the sunsets during his energetic getaway each year in Mazatlán Mexico recharges his batteries. To get away from hectic city life, he drives up the Utah canyons to commune with Nature and feel the spirit of interconnectedness with the Universe.


"I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy. Today, I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.  I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it."

-Groucho Marx


As the newest member to the Soululaire team, Kevin, with his many gifts and talents is uniquely qualified to assists us with Innovation and Outreach. He is our idea guy, thinking of new ways we can better serve our clients. He also interfaces and establishes positive relationships with amazing people we feel inspired to bring in for special events and presentations.

He loves the natural beauties of Utah and ventures into the desert and mountains as often as possible. He is a licensed falconer. Hunting and training multiple species of raptors is one of his passions. He enjoys spending time with his children, his friends and his current hunting partner; a red-tailed hawk named Sage.

Perpetually seeking greater understanding of intellectual, spiritual and natural truth, Kevin humbly follows the age old adage of “listen to everyone and question everything”. He balances this with contemplation, meditation and prayers for discernment. As a natural teacher and intuitive he is grateful to be a part of the Soululaire family.


"Seek first to understand, then to be understood."

-Stephen Covey


Marci is the massage therapist for Soululaire. Marci has been practicing massage now for over 9 years; graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2007. She enjoys helping others so she created her career in massage therapy.


Creating a difference in the way people feel, and making their lives better is what makes Marci happy. Her skills range from giving relaxation massage, deep tissue, injury, energy work, and chakra balancing. She uses her intuition to customize massages for each client depending on their needs.


She has many life experiences and creates connections with everyone she meets. The metaphysical world fascinates her.

She enjoys traveling, and spending time outdoors in the mountains with her family, a husband of eleven years, and their four children.

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." 

-Robert Frost


Mystic adopted Jen and Steve in 2013. She is Jen's familiar and loves to co-teach the Soululaire classes and workshops. She is a beautiful black Maine Coon who loves romping in the fields around her mountain home. She is in tune with cosmic energies and lets Jen and Steve know when to pay attention to the night sky. 

This kitty cat loves to go on walks without a leash with her mom and dad in the neighborhood. She has several friends - Merlin, Cutie Pie, Magi and Rusty - that she plays with outside. 

While listening to instrumental music, Mystic meditates with her belly to the sky. She loves Liquid Mind, 2002 and Enya.

Mystic is an example of the Soululaire key principles, she is personally sovereign and has honest communication by asking for what she wants and needs. She is loving and kind when she is respected and valued. She is a great asset to Soululaire and is loved by all who know her.

"We are not meant to be perfect.  We are meant to be Authentic.   We come into our perfection when we allow ourselves to wholly, completely and genuinely embrace our Authenticity" 

-Jennifer Westlake

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