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New! Soululaire Videos, Channels and Playlists

Dear Soul Family,

We are pleased to announce that Soululaire has a new videos tab on our website at as well as Soululaire channels on Bitchute, Rumble, and YouTube.

We have created three channels/playlists to assist you in your healing and ascension journey.

SoulCast is our weekly show where Jen gives you spiritual guidance and support. She discusses the Treasures and Traps for the week and then offers Tools, Techniques, Tips and Tricks to help you smoothly navigate the week ahead.

Practical Balance provides tools to help you stay in balance and harmony. Jen and Janice Whiting of Lifted Spiritz answer your questions that help you stay on track while walking your ascension journey. We offer insights and messages from Spirit, about living spiritually, as we cross the bridge of transformation and transition into the Golden Age.

Please submit your questions or topics that you would like us to discuss in the Contact Us tab or email at

We also have Ascension Project which provides you with prayers, meditations, and affirmations that help raise your vibration and connect you to your Higher Self, the Universe, and the One Creator.

Soon we will be offering a new show called Soul Chats where Jen will be interviewing other spiritual teachers to share their insights and expertise with you.

We love you and appreciate your support and hope that these shows benefit you and your life.

Much Love,

Jen and the Soululaire Team


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