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Apocalyptic Breakthrough Part 1 - Cosmic Waves and Solar Rays

- Originally Posted on on February 7, 2017

Hello Friends,

For quite some time we here at Ascension Project 2012 and Soululaire have been proponents of the belief that loving cosmic waves would be coming to Earth from the Galactic Center to help heal the planet and usher in the Ascension.

Many thought that we would experience this “wave of Love energy” on December 21, 2012 and were extremely disappointed when we were not “twinkled in a blink of an eye” and spontaneously transported into the fifth dimension and the golden age.

However, what many didn’t realize is that the end date of the Mayan Calendar was the “choice point”. It was the date when we as a collective humanity decided that we wanted to ascend instead of continuing on in a state of enslavement and suffering by dark forces. On that day, just enough people made the choice on a heart and soul level for unity, cooperation and peace on earth good will toward all life here on Earth.

The Creator heard us and answered our prayers and gave us eleven years to awaken and prepare for our transition into a better world and existence. Since then we have been receiving ever increasing high vibrational waves of love, truth and universal law.

For most people it seems like things are only getting worse and more chaotic since the 2012 end date, and in many ways they are right. What people need to understand is that these waves are bringing about the ancient prophesy of apocalypse, which is the great revealing where things that have been hidden and kept in darkness will be revealed and brought out into the light for all to see and know. This is the prophesied lifting of the veil where no stone will be left unturned.

Over the ages the word apocalypse has been associated with doomsday and catastrophe, and in some ways that is true. It will be doomsday for all those people who have an agenda of anti-human, anti-life and anti-environment for profit. When the truth of their crimes against humanity and the planet comes out, as these waves of love and universal law sweep darkness from the planet, it will truly be the end of the world as they know it.

For the rest of us, the age old adage of "the truth will set you free” is true because this is all part of the liberation of the planet through the intervention of our Creator and our benevolent star families. When that happens there will be much rejoicing. Let the party begin. Yay!

What I find interesting and exciting is that right around the 2016 Winter Solstice, Dutchsinse reported an increase in high vibrational gamma-rays and microwaves enveloping and penetrating the planet. These waves were registering on the MIMIC TPW background imagery satellite. These waves are coming from the galactic central sun and are affecting our Sun, the Earth and us.

Personally, I was thrilled to see these reports because after so many years of talking about the “Waves and Rays” here is some tangible proof that this wasn’t a figment of my imagination and that I was not making it up.

Many years ago, during my NDE (near death experience), I was shown these things. I also have a dear friend, Danton, who for years has been recording his dreams in which he has had multiple “wave dreams” as well. We here at AP2012 have also shared over the years the work of Dr. Paul LaViolette’s Galactic Superwave theory as well as a 70 year old prophesy about “waves of electricity” enveloping the earth and ushering in the golden age. COBRA has also discussed a “Galactic Wave of Love” which I have listed below.

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My concern is not only about the earth changes that can/will occur from these Cosmic Waves and Solar Rays, but rather the spiritual implications that these will have on us as individuals and how we will respond to these high vibrational energies in our daily lives and interactions with others.

For now I wanted you to be aware that something glorious is happening through loving cosmic intervention and to not be fearful about these “Waves and Rays” for they are truly a blessing to us, Mother Gaia, and all life. Embrace them and allow yourself to feel the love our Creator and Universe have for you. Let them heal your body and your life as they bring up wounds and traumas to release and forgive from the past.

There are many things that I want to share with you regarding these cosmic waves, but I feel that I have given you a great deal to think about for now. Please consider this as an introduction to a series of posts regarding these “Waves and Rays” and their meaning for us at this time.

In my next post I want to share with you the Principle of Threshold, Chaos and Reorder and how that applies to where we are in our process of transition towards Ascension and the Golden Age.

Thank you so much for all you do and for who you are. You are amazing and important. You are here on Earth at this most exciting and challenging time on purpose for a purpose. Please remember that You are a gift to the world.

Love and Blessings,



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