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It is often thought that playing by the rules inhibits your freedom. However, contrary to popular belief, playing by the rules of Natural Law allows your life to go with the flow and work for you and your best and highest good.

Once you understand the rules of the universe and follow them, you can experience a freedom you’ve never known before and create a life filled with joyful blessings, reciprocal relationships, abundance and health.

This session talks about how the Universal Laws actually work to benefit your life. These include:

  • Law of Attraction 

  • Law of Correspondence

  • Law of Consequence

  • Law of Reflection

  • Law of Vibration and Frequency

  • Law of Opposites

  • Law of Reciprocity

  • Law of Balance and Harmony

  • Law of Fractalization

  • Law of Love

  • Law of One

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