We begin your healing by lightly applying a special blend of essential oils to your feet and hands, we then clear and open the space through prayer. We follow with a combination of Reiki and light work to remove negative frequencies and re-pattern your vibrations through loving light energies. causing your mind, body and soul to be restored to its original divine perfection. 


To solidify your healing we perform a Soul Alignment where we use the 9 Sacred Tones of Creation to align your Chakras, and we conclude your experience with a Spiritual Message.


Our Soul Light Infusions are offered in 60 and 90 minute sessions, depending on your individual needs.  

  • 60 MINUTE SESSION:    $70.00

  • 90 MINUTE SESSION:    $105.00

Please contact Jen at 801-274-7685 or as we are in the process of upgrading our booking program.  Thank you.